Redmi go flash with edl mode solution | Flash 100% locked Bootloader | Officail rom | Fix bootloop

Fix software related issue bootloop hang logo stock on logo

Redmi go flash with edl mode solution : in this post i  am showing to your how to flash redmi go

in edl mode .  This proceess is safe only flashing redmi go in edl ( emerjancy download mode )

if u device redmi go or any xaiomi phone in bootloop other software realated issue like bootloop

whats is bootloop if redmi go hang on logo this means is boot loop . in this i extreamly simple

soulition how to fix this bootloop like problem .follow this video and do it



 | WHY redmi go flash in edl mode |

»  if redmi go phone in bootloop

 » if redmi go stuck on hang logo

 » if your redmi go facing android stopted problem

 » if your redmi go other software related issue



NOTE = In this process our data ill be erased after flash firmware .edl mode flashing all data will be erased so please backup all data




 | Pre Requirements here |


1. Redmi GO ( soc 425 indian variant )

2. standard data cable ( orignal cable)

3. windows 8.1 or 10 ( Recommended windows 7 )

4. drivers or firmware ( links provided down belo )


Follow steps……


1. Install MI flash tool

2. Install Qualcomm drivers

3. Extract the fastboot Rom ( code name tiare..)

Extract two times rom

Use & 7 zip tool ( https://goo.gl/RmsFbQ )

4. open the MI flash tool

5. click select option

6. After select the rom main folder ( where extract the fastboot rom )
LIke ( tiare_global_images_V10.0.9.0.MCCMIDL_20190524.0000.00_6.0_global_4b779a77f0)

7.now go your phone switch off redmi go

8. remove sim tray and open the back panel

9 , unscrew all screw

10. remove motherboard shell

11. and find two dots ( show in video )

12. short the two points-BY copper wire or any steel pin

13 during short connect the data cable same time

14 . after releasing the pin

15 and go to pc and click refresh option

16 This time your device in EDL Mode ( Emergency download mode

17. like COM1 ( device manager ) 9008 mode check it

18. Now click start button

19 AFter 15 min or 3000 sec (MAx ) flash done

20 . congress your devices flash successfully

  1. 1. MI flash tool


2. Qualcomm drivers


3. Flash file here


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i karan from Kk techno i posting tech related content .

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