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Oneplus 8t Flash Stock Rom And Unroot or Flash Official Firmware | 9T/9Pro/8T/8pro OR DOWNGRADE

How to Unroot one plus 8T

How to one plus 8T unroot : in this Post i am going to show you how to unroot one plus 8T this method also use any one plus model To unroot . this is the official method for unrooting or flashing method.
Rooted for own One plus 8T . they dont know how to unroot own phone. In this process following
simple way your One plus unroot easily .


How to Root One plus 8T here is (  One Plus 8T Root With Magisk Manager | How to Install TWRP Recovery |100% Working Without Error




( Unroot by installing the stock firmware )

In a rooted one plus 8T we can add as many OS as possible since we have the ROM control so we can flash it and can have more than one OS. In the unrooted one plus 8T, we cannot have more than one OS since we can update only when the manufacturer has issued an update because the OS is original whereas in the rooted devices it is pirated , u cant receve ota updates from complny


[ Hers Is Reason For Unrooting your One Plus 8T ]


  1. Back to stock Rom
  2. back to stock frimware
  3. rool back to officail oxigen os
  4. Problem in flashed custom roms
  5. many apps detected your phone is root problem
  6. Hang or stuck your phone one one plus logo
  7. crash your phone during rooting
  8. Remove magisk Manager
  9. remove twrp from one plus 8T







2. Qualcomm Drivers 


Warning! Is Not Liable For Any Loss Or Damage To Your Smartphone. The Methods Shown In This Site Are Not Tested For Every smartphone. So, Try It With Your Own Risk.



Pre Requirements  For One Plus 8T Unroot


1. pc or laptop

2. windows 10 64bit i recommended ..but u try any windows  windows 7

3. Files download

4.  Drivers Qualcomm

5. Be Ready Your one plus 8T

6. Usb cable orignal


Follow these Steps



  1. download both files driver or flash file with flash tool

2 . extect the main whicch kown as flash file with 7 zip

3. Install Qualcomm driver

4. connect cable to pc and phone

5. dubble click msm tool

msm tool for oppo F3 Plus
msm tool for oppo F3 Plus mod


6. connect your

7. connect Your phone into edl mode

8 Hold BOTH Button and connect cable

9. Now detect your phone into pc

10 . click start




Can I root my phone again after I unroot it?

Yes. Simply go through your phone’s current standard method for rooting. This may often change, as finding an exploit can differ for different software versions. You might have to root your phone differently than when you last did it.


Is rooting unsafe?

It can be, if you aren’t careful. Root access gives you more control over your phone’s system and files. Likewise, it can provide hackers and viruses more access. Because you’re likely downloading files from third parties and installing them on your phone manually, there’s also a higher risk of catching malware.

Is rooting Android still a good idea?


Honestly, there are much fewer benefits for rooting a phone these days. It was a widespread practice before, when phones were much more limited. For example, we used to like overclocking phones to make them faster, but even affordable handsets are pretty snappy these days. ROMs were common to customize the UI, but this can easily be done with launchers and third-party apps. It was also a common tool for quicker software updates, but manufacturers and carriers are also getting much better at this.

What are the benefits of urooting?

All that said, we know some of you may like tinkering with software freely. Installing and running UI elements natively is also much more seamless than running a launcher on top of your software. Root access can also allow for much more complete backups, in which you can store things down to the system level




i karan from Kk techno i posting tech related content .

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