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Bypass Google Verification SAMSUNG G935 Galaxy S7 Edge

How to remove Google Account protection / Factory Reset in SAMSUNG Galaxy S7 Edge with Android 7 / 7.1 / 8?

Necessary Tools, Drivers, and Firmware

  1. USB Drivers
  2. Samsung Odin software
  3. Mini ADB and Fastboot
  4. FRP Unlocker by Team
  5. Samsung Firmware with ADB communication
    • our upload on mega drive 2017 year files
    • our upload on mega drive 2018 year files
    • another payable upload with more files
  6. Samsung Combination Firmware
    • our upload  2017/2018 year files
    • another payable upload with more files

Install Necessary Tools

  1. Download and Unpack Combination firmware and Samsung firmware with ADB communication for your SAMSUNG G935F Galaxy S7 Edge.
  2. Install USB Drivers.
  3. Unpack Odin.
  4. Install Mini ADB and Fastboot with Drivers.
  5. Unpack FRP Unlocker
Removing Google Account on the phone will erase all of your data.
All the operations you are doing at your own risk
The battery should be at least 50% charged before the start.

Bypass procedure for Google Account Protection / Google Account Verification / Factory Reset Protection on Android 7 / 7.1 / 8

To check which combination file you should use go to the recovery menu and check the firmware version that you got in your G935F Galaxy S7 Edge.
The combination file must be the same as firmware on the phone.
The example we got in phone A520FXXU2AQK2 firmware then we need a combination file that the beginning is the same as in our phone A520FXXU2, the rest is not important.
  1. Turn on your G935FD/G935T/G935F Galaxy S7 Edge in download mode and connect to USB cable.
  2. Flash to your G935F Galaxy S7 Edge combination file that you downloaded before and unpacked, by Samsung Odin select it in AP part button, mark options: Auto Reboot and F. Reset Time only.

    The tutorial can find here: Odin flash tutorial

  3. Turn your G935F Galaxy S7 Edge on and switch on USB debugging from developer options.
    Instruction is here: How to active Developer Options Samsung Galaxy S7 edge

    • Main menu –> Settings –> About phone –> Build number – tap 7 times to active developing options
    • Next back to Settings –> Developer options –> and turn on USB debugging option
    • Galaxy S7 / S7 edge need to enable the OEM Lock option in the Developer menu and do a factory reset from a phone menu then just write normal 4 file firmware and the phone will be without any Google Account Verification, Factory Reset protection. No need to use ADB firmware in these two SAMSUNG phones.
  4. Turn off the SAMSUNG phone completely.
  5. Turn on G935F Galaxy S7 Edge phone in download mode and connect to USB cable.
  6. Flash SAMSUNG phone with file Firmware with ADB communication that you download before for your G935F Galaxy S7 Edge with selected options: Auto Reboot and F. Reset Time only.
    Like CSC part select file that has HOME_CSC at the beginning of the name or normal CSC if HOME_CSC is missing.

  7. After ending, SAMSUNG G935F Galaxy S7 Edge phone will turn on to welcome screen try bypass creator if you can just move to step 13, if not just wait until you see authorization screen to enable ADB communication.
  8. Next check Always allows from this computer option and press the OK button.9 Next switch on our FRP Unlocker
  • 10 Our software FRP Unlocker by will read the Android version, IMEI and Phone Model from the phone.
  • 11 Unlock FRP should be active after connection success just press it to unlock your phone and wait for success report from FRP Unlocker by software.
  • 12 Next restart the phone with the power button.
  • 13 That all phone is without Google Account.
  • 14 Next to finish fully remove old Google Account, should turn on OEM LOCK in the developer menu and perform Hard Reset procedure from the menu.

Congratulations all finished well without problem.


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