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What’s the error in your iPhone

I give this some error which is related to iTunes, sometimes when we reset our
iPhone at that time we facing this problem.

» These are some iPhone models which is facing these errors


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• This is a hardware error, not the software error •

this error related to iTunes, sometimes when we reset our iPhone at that time we face this problem. Sometimes when the iPhone goes the high temperature that time iphone goes automatically switch off and dead battery situation and when you start your iphone that time it automatically goes in iTunes situation


itunes error 4013 fix
itunes error 4013 fix 100%


| How to fix error 4013 |

Firstly, this is a Nand error(NAND is phone memory chip), this is a hardware error, you can fix this error by replace nand chip or with the help change motherboard  . please visit our nerest mobile repiar center .they works on chip level repair .because this hardware error in in nand flash . if our area have profesnal mobile repiar center  or mobile repair shop than u can serach your self and its 2nd mothed replace logic board or motherboard

·• Replace nand chip 101% FiX THIS error 4013 


A suggestion if you want or buy the best motherboard then you go on aliexpress site

• ANS –  aliexpress is chinas website which provide world wide electrics and more products .buy from aliexpress logic motherboard for your iphone 5s or any model . i suggest please buy with touch id logic board

logic board replace



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