BGMI Lite release date / download size system requirement / features, and leaks

BGMI Lite release date expected

PUBG Mobile Lite users have been anticipating the launch of BGMI Lite since the country-specific edition of PUBG Mobile, BGMI, was published a few months ago. Continue reading below: BGMI Lite release details, download size, system requirements, and other features: Everything you need to know.

Nonetheless, the creators have yet to formally disclose its release date, much to the chagrin of the player base. However, there is still optimism because several influencers have hinted at an impending release.

Many gamers are wondering whether BGMI Lite will have the same prerequisites as PUBG Mobile Lite when it releases.

So, this Post shares the probable download size, system requirements, features, and other details of BGMI Lite.


System requirements and download size

The system requirements for BGMI Lite will be less demanding, and players with low-end devices will be able to enjoy a seamless battle royale experience.

  • Operating System: Android 4.1 or higher
  • RAM: 1GB or higher
  • The installation pack is about 720 MB
  • The Lite version is only for Android OS

When BGMI Lite will be released, the developers will likely include an account transfer feature, allowing users to transfer their items from their original PUBG Mobile Lite account to BGMI Lite. The same was done when PUBG Mobile Lite was made available.



Expected features and leaks BGMi lite In india


Being the lighter variant of BGMI, players can expect the game to be a lot like PUBG Mobile Lite. That means players will be able to play the game at much lower graphic settings for low-end devices. There will be a lesser selection of Battle Royale maps and probably a limited number of Arcade modes. However, the weapon selection (Arsenal) will be the complete same as that of BGMI.

There is very little chance of multiple event modes in the Classic matches as the Lite variant will be designed so as to function while using as lesser RAM space as possible. Hence, fans might not actually get a lot of different modes to play.

Like the Winner Pass in PUBG Mobile Lite, BGMI Lite will also have its own WINNER Pass which will be less costly than BGMI’s original version.

As far as other details are considered, there is not, particularly any revelation of images or leaks. Hence, readers must also keep in mind that all of the above-discussed features are just mere speculations.


BGMI Lite release date


Though there has been no official news regarding the official release date of BGMI Lite, players can expect that the game might release by January 2022. As far as the leaks are concerned, Ghatak answered to Sportskeeda in an exclusive interview, where he stated:

“Players can expect good news with regards to the release of BGMI Lite really soon. It might arrive by the starting next year 2022 jan end or sooner!”

However, this claim might not be true as we are already in the last of January and the devs show no sign of the release.

Earlier in November, the devs put up a poll in their Discord community asking players why they need BGMI Lite. Hence, it might be the most pleasing news that BGMI Lite fans might hear. This signifies that the devs are surely up for something and BGMI Lite may get released by January 2022.




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